Redbull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage: Behind The Lens "It's is the biggest, gnarliest freeride mountain bike competition each year" In my mind, Red Bull Rampage is essentially the Olympics of the freeride mountain bike world. Red Bull's invite-only mountain bike event has been going on each year (minus covid) since 2001. Held in Virgin, UT it's home to some of the steepest, most high-consequence terrain any competition has to offer. But what sets it aside from other competions that many people don't realize is that not only are these guys' riding the most insane lines, they're also digging them! One of the most unique factors about Rampage is each rider getting to choose his line within a [...]

HyperTarget Advertising

"Hyper-targeted advertising is a marketing strategy that delivers extremely customized messages to a specific, targeted demographic. " As a senior member of the GoPro Studio team; on the advertising side; one of my ongoing tasks was curating HyperTarget Ads. I would create anywhere from six to twelve new ads every quarter that would be served to a very specific demographic on instagram. Since social media has collected massive amounts of data on it's users, it is now possible to create a video, and show it to someone who (for example): A) Already owns a GoPro camera B) Is interested in Photography C) Is 24 years old D) Lives in Oregon E) .. You get the [...]