EPISODE 1: Place of Fear
EPISODE 2: Just Breathe
EPISODE 3: Yab Yum
360 Exploration Moment

Searching The Maya Underworld is a three part Original Series produced and shot by GoPro with support from Facebook.

I had the honor to lead this project during my time on the Studio team at GoPro. I pitched this project after meeting with Brian Wiederspan, a highly certified diver out of the Pacific North West.

Brian, introduced me to the Vanilla Sky Project team members and things got underway. Robbie Schmittner is an internationally acclaimed explorer based out of Tulum, Mexico. Alongside his friends Brian and Thorsten “Toddy” Wälde we had some of the best divers and explorers in the world.

Deep Ocean and These cave systems are some of the last truly unexplored areas on earth. This series focus was to tell the story of Robbie and his friends trying to make the connection between the two largest caves in the world, ultimately creating the largest cave in the world.

Working on this project was a true inspiration. Please take the time to watch each episode in order in its entirety – the story is truely incredible.

Learn about the history of the Mayan culture, and what remains today in Mexico. Spread awareness to help preserve and protect, it’s all we have left down there to know our history.

This series contains over an hour of content. Three episodic videos, multiple 360/vr videos, trailer, and behind the scenes.

Be sure to watch the Behind The Scenes Video — you’re gonna love it!

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  • About 60 GoPro Hero 4 Black Cameras were used during production.

  • About 12 GoPro Session Cameras were used during production.

  • The bulk of production was in a grueling 2-week visit to the jungles of Tulum, Mexico. This included a crew of 5 people. About two months later I (Alex Hogue) returned to the same area as a single-man-crew for 1 week of pick up shots.

  • There was originally a much larger plan and timeframe for post-production of this series. Due to unfortunate timing and company circumstances, the project barely got completed as-is.

  • We arrived at our rental AirBnB for production on Day 1 of production. Within 3 minutes we found a full-grown scorpion crawl out from under one of the beds.

  • Every vehicle we drove into the Jungle broke something at some point during production. (5+ in total).