Project Description

“It’s just – making sure you are being creative, and letting those juices flow.”

Indi Cowie - Professional Soccer Freestyler

I’ve worked with countless athletes and globally recognized companies. Through that journey, it’s allowed me some incredible opportunities. That being said, I’ve worn a lot of hats!

This is just a sample of some of the projects that I’ve pitched, directed, shot, or worked on in post production. Everything from long-form documentary, to 15-second targeted advertisements. Both of which require their own special strategy and approach.

I love working with athletic, talented individuals and capturing stories that inspire the audience. I’d love to help craft your next story! Shoot me a message and let’s get creative. Theirs a good chance theirs some strategy, and techniques we can implement to improve your reach, and ultimately increase your numbers.

Enjoy the ride, and leave a comment below!

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“Alex’s creativity and work ethic delivered some of GoPro’s most successful and notable content pieces.”

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), GoPro

“He is a collaborator, very detail oriented, understands how to execute on a brief, takes direction well and is a great contributor to have on any project.”

VP of Studio, Creative Services and Original Productions, GoPro

To have Alex in your corner, one would not only shine but also have the confidence that the final product will exceed expectations.”

Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer, EA Sports / GoPro / HBO

All delivered aspects from him were above and beyond what was expected.”

Production Supervisor, Teton Gravity Research (TGR)

“..He helped produce exciting new media that was advanced enough to require an engineering partnership… enhancing and optimizing new visual effects filters, to deliver edits that were pushing creative boundaries and the limits of Premiere Pro.”

Software Engineering and Technical Fellow, GoPro / CineForm