Project Description

“Hockey is a family tradition for the Bissonnette’s and Francis enjoys passing down his skills to his son, Ethan ‘The Rocket’ Bissonnette.”

This video was shot entirely by GoPro users, not a GoPro production. I was responsible for all of the post-production work from editing, and sound, to color correction.

When I began editing on this video I didn’t play Ice Hockey – by the time of it’s publishing on the YouTube GoPro channel, I did.

It might have been coincidence that I happened to begin playing ice hockey right as I was working on this video, but it could make anyone want to play! Dad of the year? Absolutely. This super fun, family oriented edit had a lot of challenges, but also allowed for a lot of creativity. Sit back, relax, and watch some quality family hockey!

GoPro Hero 3+

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder