Project Description

“An incredibly rare event captured in 4K off the coast of Dana Point in Southern California shows a large number of sperm whales playing together near the ocean’s surface.”

The great thing about working in the User Generated department within GoPro media is that every video is a new challenge and completely new content. Before this video, I knew nothing about Sperm Whales. Now? Now I can appreciate the importance of an event like this. To see this many sperm whales in a single sighting at the surface of the water so close to shore is unheard of.

This incredibly rare sighting just off the coast of Dana Point, California in Orange County (my old home) was captured in 4k on the GoPro Hero 4. As part of the GoPro media team, I was responsible for the post-production work of this user generated video.

GoPro Hero 4

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder
DaVinci Resolve