Project Description

This video represents a time when I was fortunate enough to travel and spend time in Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Much of the footage I shot while hiking, camping, or while moving back to California from Wyoming.

When I left Wyoming, I packed everything into my 98′ black Jeep Cherokee with 200,000 plus miles and hit the road back toward San Diego. Instead of driving straight through (like I did when I moved from San Diego out to Jackson Wyoming just 6 months prior) I decided I would extend the drive by a few days and make the most of this opportunity and visit some new places. After all, I’ve always been interested in traveling, and this was my opportunity. I had to take advantage of it. After countless hours researching where to go, how to alter my route, and how much time to spend at each location I finally hit the road.

This video not only represents that trip, but also the 6 months I spent living in Jackson, and time spent in California just after my relocation. From staying up all night shooting the Milky Way rising through the Delicate Arch, to sleeping on the hood of my car watching the stars shine in the moonless sky. This contains some memories I am sure I will never forget. If you ever have the opportunity to take a detour and explore a new area, do it. Even if it’s just down the road.  I got to meet some incredible people while hiking and taking photos throughout many of the National Parks I visited. But don’t just visit the National Parks, visit the local hikes, eat at a new place, and talk to the people around you. Make the most of life. Make it memorable.

I hope you enjoy this video, and find new inspiration. I look forward to documenting my next journeys through life, and sharing with all those who may not have the same opportunities.

Shot on Canon 60D, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, compositing in Adobe After Effects.